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Regular Performance of Getmadang
Getmadang (folk group) holds the Folk Festival Hanmadang to spread excellence of our music annually.
Time : Annually ( 2004. 11. 20 )
Place : Grand Auditorium in Culture Center
Inquiries : Arts Department of Cultural and Public Affairs Office (033)639-2148
Program (Program of the Event in 2004)
Assortment of Drums-Sagye (4 seasons)
Gyeonggi Dodang-Gut (part 1,2,3)
Cheongbaemuga (a song sung by a shaman during a ritual)
Hanryangmu (folk dance)
Scattering while letting off a sound
Folk Art Festival
The Sokcho Folk Art Festival has been held in April every year since 1987.
Time : Held annually around April( 2004. 4.24 ~4.30)
Place : Culture Center and Expo Square
Hosted by : Sokcho Chapter of the Korean People's Artist Federation
Program (Program of the Event in 2004)
Our Stories seen through Photographs
Title: Illustrated Poem Invitational Exhibition for Korean Residents in China
Exhibition of illustrated poems by Korean poets in China
Art Class together with family
Holding Family Drawing Contest
Film Festival for Citizens
Photograph Contest Exhibition
Since its start in 1999, the Sokcho Tourism Nationwide Photograph Contest has been soliciting diverse photographic works supported by the great interests of photography enthusiasts.
Public relations activities of spreading the beauty of our city throughout are conducted through the exhibition of displays showing photographic works that have won prizes from the photograph contest depicting the city tourist attractions, enthusiastic display of our blessed natural scenery, and various festivals.
Time : Held annually around December (after selecting winning works from the photography contest)
Place : A conference room in the Gangwon Travel Information Center (in the Expo Square )
Program : Approximately 60 winning photographic works from the Sokcho Tourism Photograph Contest
Inquiries : Tourism Advertising Team of Tourism Division (033)639-2545
Regular Performance of City Chorus
The magnificent presentation of the city chorus can be observed annually.
Time : Held annually around December ( 2004. 12. 2 )
Place : Grand Auditorium of the Culture Center
Inquiries : Arts Department of Cultural and Public Affairs Office (033)639-2148
Program (Program of the Event in 2004)
『 Stage 1 』
  • Foreign Song (1), Korean Songs(3)
  • Ave Maria / Namchon, Way to Going Away, Even Old Days are Far-Gone
  • Korean Folk Songs (4)
  • Young Lady from Ulsan, Ganggangsuweolae, Cheonan 3-way Intersection, Jindo Arirang
『 Stage 2 』
  • Soprano Recital
  • Gyodong Elementary School Children's Choir
  • Hymns (1), Repertoires (3)
  • Blow a Horn / “The Trout” Variations, chicken song, Canon Concerto
  • Foreign Songs (1), Korean Songs (4)
  • unchained melody / Love You, a Jewelry Box in My Heart, a Departing Ship, and Round and Round
Citizen ' s Healthful Running Race
Kangwon Ilbo hosts the healthful running race praising the anti-Japanese spirit while having the participants run throughout the city in order to praise the independence spirit of March 1 and the spirits of patriotic martyrs on the day of independence movement on March 1 every year.
Time : Held annually on March 1( 2005. 3. 1 p.m. 1:00 )
Place : Throughout the city (Assembly Place: Subok Tower in Dongmyeong-dong)
Hosted by : Kangwon Ilbo
Participation Fee : Adult - \15,000, Student - \10,000 (Up to high school students)
Course : 10km(Subok Tower ~ Cheongcho Bridge ~ 3-way Intersection at Livestock Cooperatives ~ Expo Site ~ Clausen Wedding Hall ~ Subok Tower)
Inquiries : Kangwon Ilbo Sokcho Branch Office (033) 638-4881
※ Participants in the race will wear a commemorative T-shirt after advance registration
Additional Information
This is a meaningful event praising the anti-Japanese spirits of March 1 deep within the hearts of the participants as they will run the 10 ㎞ course that starts with three cheers, passing through the front of Jungangsijang (central open market), Anam Plaza and Expo Park, and coming back to Subok Tower Square.
The event also provides an opportunity to focus and unite the strength of the entire citizenry. Examples of such opportunities include conducting volunteer service activities for the event by uniting many concerned agencies and group associations within the area such as the members of JCI Korea Sokcho and drivers of deluxe taxi, and by encouraging the participants with applause from many citizens lining the roads along the course.
Children ' s Hanmadang Grand Festival
The Children's Hanmadang Grand Festival with events for the entire family is held May 5 to commemorate the Children's Day in order to become a celebration of cultivating proper sentiments and nurturing future dreams of children.
Time : Held annually on May 5 ( 2004. 5. 5 09:30 ∼ 17:00 )
Place : Play Ground at the Expo Site (next to the symbolic tower)
Targets : About 6,000 children and parents
Managed by: Sokcho, Goseong and Yangyang Branches of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union
Sponsored by: Sokcho City
Program : Performance Ground, Learning Ground, Game Ground, Exhibition Ground, Game Experience Ground, Nursery Rhyme Contest
Hanmaeum Concert
The “Hanmaeum Concert” will be held for people from five provinces in North Korea and all the citizens in our Sokcho City . Sokcho is the city with the largest number of displaced people and a peaceful city of tourist attractions in our separated country.
Name of Event: “Hanmaeum Concert” for the People from five provinces in North Korea and the citizens of Sokcho City
Time : 2004. 12. 21 (Tuesday) 19:00
Place : Grand Auditorium in Culture Center
Hosted by : Sokcho City , Sejong Music and Art Association
Managed by: Association of People from Five Provinces in North Korea , Monthly Magazine Vivace
Program : Invitational Performance of Singers, Vocalists, Philharmonic Orchestras and Chamber Orchestras
Haeomi Sharing Market Place
The market place of sharing love is open on the third Saturday of every month, except during the winter season. Its purpose is to provide a place where used items from home can be exchanged or sold at reasonable prices or to give to those people needing them free of charge.
Time : Held once every month (third Saturday 14:00 ~ 17:00 )
Place : In Expo Square (front of the theme pavilion at the Expo's symbolic tower)
Targets : Anyone regardless of sex and age
Items: Any used items still useable such as clothing, books, home appliances, sports goods, etc.
Additional Events: Getmaeul Folk Group, Environmental Photograph Exhibition, etc.
Inquiries : Environmental Beautification Department of Environmental Protection Division (033)639-2337
The Expo site, where the event takes place, is a large park surrounding the banks of Cheongcho Lake . Cheongcho Lake is famous as the filming site of a drama called “Fairy Tale of Autumn”. It is also a place many tourists would like to visit since Abai Village and a ferry to the village are located nearby.
It is also appropriate for a driving course and a place swarming with enthusiasts enjoying inline skating, bicycling, playing basketball, soccer and other sports activities. The site is also a pleasant place for the citizens to enjoy picnics and relaxation during the weekend.