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Plentiful job, fondmemories that lure tourists back, harmonious city, rich maritime environment


That's the world in Sokcho


This is Chae Yong-saeng, mayor of Sokcho.

I sincerely welcome you to Sokcho,

the city of tourism and maritime experience marked by dreams, romance, and unforgettable memories.

Sokcho is Korea’s best tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy outstanding landscape of Seorak Mountain that renew itself in four seasons of the year, clean blue waters of the East Sea, and lakes and springs that emit mysteries of primeval times.

Let us work hard together to transform this God-blessed beautiful Sokcho into a city that is more vibrant and prosperous. This online space is always open to you.

Please come back repeatedly to this site to provide us your inputs.

Until all of us are happy, we will work passionately for the development of Sokcho so that it emerges as the pivotal city of tourism and maritime activities in the Age of the East Sea.

A lovely city everyone wants to come! A dynamic city everyone wants to live!

That’s Sokcho.

It is your participation and support that upgrade our city into a more beautiful and dynamic city that opens a brighter future.

Again, I would like to thank you for visiting the website of Sokcho City.

I hope you will have informative and wonderful time here.


Che Yong Saeng, Mayor of Sokcho City